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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "One Before The One" - JESSIA

JESSIA candidly conveys her authentic emotions and heartache in her vulnerable new single, “One Before The One”. The melancholic ballad is a unique break-up song that recounts the classic tragic story—being the last person someone is with before they find their life partner. Through a gloomy production and solemn lyrics, JESSIA describes her experience with being “the practice run partner.” This phenomenon is more common than one might think, where they are always the last person someone dates before they find the one they marry. JESSIA's poignant words eloquently illustrates the mournful heartache in a manner that effortlessly resonates with listeners. In the chorus she sings, “When your training wheels come off// I'm having trouble getting past this// I'm only perfect if I’m practice// Just slightly not enough// Always the one before the one.” She uses unique metaphors and popular idioms to familiarize her audience with this concept, while maintaining a poetic element to the lyrics. After seeing her former partner get engaged and have his happy ending with the person he dated after her, JESSIA cannot help but feel scorned. Especially when this is an experience she has undergone more than once. While this circumstance is not uncommon, I have never heard it relayed through songwriting, making “One Before The One” an unforgettable indie-pop tracks that belongs on every solemn break-up playlist.

Alongside the desolate storyline, “One Before The One” contains a gloomy soundscape that perfectly complements the lyrics. From the very first note JESSIA captures the listener’s attention and holds it until the very end. Throughout the song, her stunning voice mesmerizes them along with the delicate instrumentation, emphasizing her remarkable artistry. The song begins with a soothing guitar and airy vocalizations that set the melancholic scene. This continues into the first verse where JESSIA's compelling voice leads the track. In the pre-chorus, additional sound effects are added to increase the dynamic as the song builds to the chorus. After a brief pause in the production, the chorus kicks off and a soft piano and subtle synth are added to bring the fuller sound to the song. Soft piano keys lead the transition into the second verse, with the guitar strumming in the background. The second verse is very similar to the first, with the addition to the piano keys, enhancing the emotional soundscape. At the end of the second chorus, layered vocals sing the hook, emphasizing the dramatic build into the bridge. While JESSIA guides the listener through the emotional climax of the track, her background vocals echo the lyrics. This effect accentuates the vulnerable and heartbreaking element of the song. JESSIA closes out the track with an outro that utilizes the original production of the first verse, bringing the track full circle. With the gloomy lyrics and somber production, “One Before The One” is a perfect ballad, highlighting JESSIA's outstanding talent.


JESSIA is an independent singer-songwriter from Vancouver. She made her debut in 2020 with her single, “Tell Me”. The following year she blew up with her viral single, “I’m not Pretty”, which garnered over a hundred thousand streams on Spotify alone. The success of this single caught the attention of Grammy-nominated artist, Bebe Rexha, who was then featured on the track’s remix. Furthermore, JESSIA's debut EP, How Are You?, was supported by iconic industry tastemakers such as iHeart, SiriusXM, and Billboard. The singer has also toured with OneRepublic, Maroon 5, and Dean Lewis. With only three years since her debut, JESSIA has earned over 375 million total global streams across all platforms, nearly 150 thousand followers on Instagram, and over a million followers on TikTok. As she continues to build an impressive following, JESSIA is currently working on her next project, set for a 2024 release. Check out her social media for updates and new releases!

Written By Karlee Skipper



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