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  • Megan Cao

Review: "One Foot In" - Temme Scott

“One Foot In” is a stark look at a lover pleading for his partner to come back and at least hear them out. When you don’t see your partner enough, it’s tough to just watch them leave, even if you know they have responsibilities and you have responsibilities you both need to fulfill. But it’s hard, especially if you end up leaving things on a bad note. Scott’s playful quip of standing there with one foot in the door is reminiscent of the complicated feelings and emotions you have watching your partner walk away.

Scott’s throaty vocals compliment the complicated influx of feelings and emotions that she gives voices to in the song. The laidback nature of the production along with the upbeat synths add flavor and beats to the piece. The sense of melancholy is only highlighted by Scott’s vocal range, from breathy at times to soaring and strong. The aching ballad of trying to hold on when everything else is falling away is thoughtfully poignant on the complex feelings that arise as a relationship comes to a close.

Temme Scott, based in Los Angeles, is perfectly fine with leaving her emotions plain for anyone to see. Her raw lyrics and folk melodies fused with her gritty intonation and soulful but tender vocals. While vulnerability is one of her biggest strengths, her ability in crafting a narrative for others to relate to is also nothing to sneeze at. During her senior year of college, Scott spent a semester abroad in Buenos Aires, where she immersed herself in the indie music scene, discovering the excitement of playing live all over again. Her authenticity is something that she prides herself on; her music evokes the wonderment of childhood though marked with adult themes and complicated feelings that chase after us day by day. Temme Scott’s second foray into the industry is coming with a bang.

Written By Megan Cao



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