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  • Victoria James

Review: "One Life" - Ziineb

Have you ever caught yourself daydreaming about your crush but it felt so real that you didn’t want to snap out of it? The only way to make your dreams come true is by going after who you want. Ziineb can relate to this sentiment in “One Life,” a song from her debut EP, Roses Are Blue. In this dreamy record, she sings about wanting to be by her crush or partner’s side. Ziineb, like all of us, only has one life and wants to spend that time doing what she loves, including sharing special moments with her crush. Ziineb wants her attraction to be reciprocated, something we all hope for when we develop feelings for someone. She is enamored by her crush, who rejuvenates her. "One Life" is for people with an infatuation with their crush and their heads stuck in the clouds.

If “One Life” by Ziineb was a food, it would be cotton candy. It’s soft, sweet, and melts in your ears like cotton candy melts in your mouth. Ziineb’s voice is light and airy, so the song feels like a warm embrace. Her vocals paired with the vibrant instrumental are a match made in heaven. The song is chill yet energetic, which will put you in a great mood. “One Life” is heavily inspired by Afro-music, with similar instruments like the bongos and congas present on the track. The piano in the background is the finishing touch of the song, but the claves are a great addition as well. If you turn on this song and close your eyes, you will be transported to a beautiful tropical island. The impressive electric guitar solo during the bridge takes the song to the next level. Ziineb's voice is guaranteed to make you feel like you're floating on air, figuratively and literally.

Ziineb is a singer and songwriter from Casablanca, Morocco. After moving to the UK and studying music in London for a year, she discovered her passion for Neo soul and Afro-music. She incorporates a variety of genres in her music seamlessly. Ziineb is inspired by jazz, R&B, soul, Arabic music, and emerging artists in the London scene who know how to mix genres. Her strongest influence is Greentea Peng, from southeast London. Ziineb describes her music as “Urban Pop Soul with an oriental touch.” She is not only talented with her voice but with paintbrushes as well. She painted the cover art for her debut EP, “Roses Are Blue,” released on October 27, 2023.

Written By Victoria James



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