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  • Lauren Nolan

Review: "One Night Only" - VALE

"One Night Only" is the third and latest release from singer-songwriter VALE. The track tells the earnest and delightfully relatable story about fleeting connections and those blurry, in-between stages of a relationship where both parties figure out what they are. The narrative recounts an assumed one-time encounter, the subsequent meet-ups, and the confusing rollercoaster of emotions that follow. "One Night Only" is dynamic in its narrative and instrumental. VALE's sharp lyricism complements Tom Marlows's atmospheric production to create a vivid, captivating electro-pop ballad. The verses' spacy, melodic background synths allow the up-and-coming artists' songwriting prowess to take center stage. The track gradually builds until the vocals and instrumental explode in the chorus, corresponding to the emotions VALE describes. "One Night Only" is as catchy as it is heartfelt.

VALE's musical inspirations include Taylor Swift and Maisie Peters, which is evident in "One Night Only." In line with artists like Swift, VALE is, first and foremost, a storyteller. Her distinctive writer's voice jumps throughout the track. There is a film-like quality to VALE's lyricism. It is picturesque and rich. Small details like "the petrol station / where my mum buys / cigarettes and ice cream" make "One Night Only" come alive, grounding the listener into this scene. The more straightforward lines are equally impactful. "So I'll take what I can / Call me pretty," is a heartbreakingly simple yet effective lyric in how universal the sentiment is. "One Night Only" highlights VALE's skills as a singer-songwriter.

VALE is a U.K.-based artist. "One Night Only" is her third officially released single, following "Good on My Own" and "Pathetic," also from this year. These three songs currently amassed over 7000 streams on Spotify. Her discography often focuses on themes of heartbreak and relationships, tackling diverse areas of these issues throughout her discography. "Good on My Own" is a funny, Lily Allen-style takedown of an awful ex, while "Pathetic" is a quieter, self-reflective ballad. An up-and-coming artist, VALE is growing a large TikTok audience of over 31,000 followers. All her music is available on streaming platforms now, and I'm looking forward to her next release.

Written By Lauren Nolan



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