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  • Alexa Leung

Review: "One Touch (feat. Ariza)" - Anna Duboc

Anna Duboc’s first release of 2024 “One Touch (feat. Ariza)” is a beautiful track brimming with romantic simplicities that’ll make your heart lighten with every listen. “One Touch” reaches for the in-betweens of relationships; sometimes, it’s the little things that bring people together, like a light touch or a shared look. Think of a friendship that is slowly blossoming from its beginnings into something more– that’s what this song wants to highlight, the way those innocent glances and laughs transform into butterflies in your stomach. It’s having to take that risk when you know that those little feelings mean so much more to you than just friendship. “One Touch” wants to show you how the initial buds of love can be represented by a simple question, like asking if you’re okay after a hard day.

Abundant with shimmering strings and light vocals, Duboc and Ariza have completely blown it out of the park with “One Touch”. The instrumentals are especially beautiful– the song begins with these twinkling strings that immediately tell you what kind of story this track is about to tell. They’re soft, innocent almost, and once Duboc’s vocals come in you’re swept into this feathery soundscape. The instrumentals pair overwhelmingly well with the songwriting, and when you close your eyes you can feel exactly what Duboc is singing about. Early love can be as simple as a hand on the shoulder, a smile, or a conversation, and I think “One Touch” demonstrates that so lovingly with its lyrics. As Duboc sings, “Sometimes it’s the simple things / Just as long as we agree”. Budding relationships are underpinned by these little actions and once you start noticing them, you really notice them! I love how the song closes with the line “Why did I notice? / I shouldn’t notice”, which I feel perfectly sums up what those in-between moments become as you fall in love. “One Touch” really knows how to draw you into those youthful feelings with its soundscape and lyrics; together, they form a lovely song that brings you back to those days when love was new.

Since her debut single “Feel the Glow” dropped in 2019, seventeen-year-old singer-songwriter Anna Duboc has exploded in the pop scene. With over 40 million collective streams across all platforms, it is clear to see that her music brings people together through its vivid storytelling and personal touches, transparent and willing to represent these moments through music. Similar to artists like Olivia Rodrigo and Lizzy McAlpine, Duboc’s musical stylings are sleek and infused with emotion. “One Touch” is actually part of Duboc’s unreleased series and, if you enjoyed its tender and sweet soundscape, consider perusing her impressive discography to find more just like it.

Written By Alexa Leung



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