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  • Jeffrey Ade

Review: "Only Love" - JONAH

"Only Love," by JONAH, is the opening track to the music group's album Damn the Wild Air, Pt. 01, released early this month. Alongside the album is a series of music videos that span back a year from the project's release date, with "Only Love" being the most recent. Providing a visual narrative of two partners in crime, the video concept of "Only Love" showcases how love can be the sole basis for wanting to endure a difficult situation. In the same breath, the song emphasizes the human nature to blindly follow love because of what feelings it has to offer. As the album opener, "Only Love" immediately sets the aesthetic tone for the rest of the project. And by the end of the first listen, JONAH makes it hard to feel guilty about falling victim to the endless search for a soulmate.

"Only Love," by JONAH, is a moderately quick tune, lasting about three minutes and 27 seconds. It is simple in structure, using a Verse-Chorus-Verse-Chorus-Bridge-Chorus format, and the track is driven primarily by vocals and guitar. Occasionally, the production utilizes bass, drums, and soundscapes to continue the listener's interest throughout the song. But these production elements are added subtly to still allow for the track's sense of an open atmosphere, which is also due to the long reverb. As for the lyrics, they follow a similar subtle nature, with lines like "Young, honesty/We're born to run" that are short, striking, and straight to the point. After all, the repeating chorus "Throw it all away to chase it/Coming from the cold we made it/Only love" is enough to understand the freedom in love's captivity JONAH hopes to portray.

JONAH is a music duo based in Berlin, consisting of producer Christian Steenken and vocalist Angelo Mammone. The group gained recognition after releasing its first single in 2014, "All We Are," reaching number two on the Itunes Alternative Charts. Since then, JONAH has released several remixes and three EPs on streaming services, their latest project being Damn the Wild Air, Pt. 01. By 2021, the music duo featured on Spotify playlists like Indieland and Indie Radar, amassing over 8 million streams on the platform. They've also grown a following through live performances, including the All We Are and Wicked Fever tours, The Streaming Hand Festival, and more. Today with the recent release of their "Only Love" video, JONAH is proving they're well-rounded artists, ready to leave a lasting impression on their listeners.

Written By Jeffrey Ade



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