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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

Review: "Only One" - Laurel

Photo Credit: Ale Washington

There's nothing that burns brighter than a new found love. The joy and excitement of finding someone who makes your heart skip a beat, also is usually accompanied by fear and worry. You haven't known them long enough yet to be confident that you can trust them or if the relationship will last forever; but all you know right now in this moment is that now that you have them, you can't imagine a life without them. "Only One" by Laurel is about those intense mixed feelings that you experience when you start a new relationship and realize that you're in love. You know that you want to be with them, and you WILL be with them, despite the anxious thoughts that run through your head. This love your experiencing terrifies you, but in the most wonderful kind of way.

"Only One" is a stunning piano ballad that features haunting synths and heartfelt vocals. There's a bit of a nostalgic 80's feel to it's hazy and soft groove. The soundscape is perfectly minimal, so that Laurel's voice and the poetic nature of the lyrics can shine through at the forefront. Laurel sings with all her might and belts beautifully throughout the song with her heavenly tone. "Only One" has a cenematic feel to it, to where you could close your eyes and imagine it being the theme song to a romantic drama movie.

Laurel is an self-made indie pop artist originally from London, England who is now based in Los Angeles, California. Laurel blends the genres of modern pop, folk and rock to create a universally loveable style. She officially began her career in 2014 when she released her debut EP, "To The Hills", and then not too long after her second EP, "Holy Water" which she released independently from her own record label, Next Time Records. Now 10 years later, Laurel has gained millions of streams across her impressive discography and is about to release her second full length album, "PALPITATIONS" on June 14th with the indie record label, Communion Group. The 11-track project is said to be "adrenaline filled" - “Palpitations, in the body, aren’t usually a sign of anything really bad – they’re usually emotionally driven. I loved the idea that something can feel so strong that it will make your heart skip a beat.” - Laurel. Make sure to follow Laurel below to stay up-to-date with her album release, as well as to see if she's touring in a city near you! If you loved "Only One", make sure to also check out the gorgeous live performance video of the song here.

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole



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