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Review: "Only One on Earth" - Lo Lauren

Rising pop star Lo Lauren just released her latest single, “Only One on Earth.” The song has a captivating presence with an uplifting sound and has a glittery music video to pair. “Only One on Earth” has an overarching theme of being faced with rejection when you share your feelings with someone. She starts off the song by saying she lost a guy but he wasn’t even hers, since he left after she confessed her feelings. Lo says that she wouldn’t call it love, but she wants to be cared about and thought of. In the chorus of the song, she sings about how she feels that everyone is in a relationship like they’re in a fairytale. She knows that she’s not the only person out there who’s single, but she wants to know “when’s it gonna be [her] turn?” Lo wants to know about all the aspects of being in love, and says she can be their “only one on Earth.” In the second verse, she goes back to the situation with the guy, saying she thought he was a good one when he gave her his coat. Lo thought that was a sign, so she’s criticizing herself for confessing her feelings. She asks herself “why did I mess it up”, and she says that she’s embarrassed. Then in the bridge, she says “I’m a fool waiting for love,” but she says love will come if she could keep it cool. But she wants to know how she can do that and brings it back to the catchy chorus one more time.

The production on “Only One on Earth” is best described as modernly elegant. With classic synths and an upbeat feel, this is an incredibly catchy pop song. This song is filled with synths, such as a piano synth and a bass synth, it adds a modern and fun vibe. “Only One on Earth” is that perfect song to grab your hairbrush microphone and dance around in your room. Lo’s vocals are what makes this song truly elegant. She has an incredible voice that perfectly fits the vibe and the lyrics. Speaking of her lyrics, they’re introspective and vivid, and Lo’s songwriting skills are showcased in this song. Her lyrics also have a great cadence, which makes the song addicting to listen to. Breaking down the production, there isn’t too much complication in the tracks. But, the quantity of tracks doesn’t always mean a quality production. “Only One on Earth” is certainly a pop anthem that is wonderfully unique.

Although it may seem like Lo Lauren is a seasoned pop star, she only has two releases to her name. Lo became a BBC Radio 1 tipped artist with her debut release, “Never The One''. Another BBC presenter also gave her the honor of “Track of the Week,” and was called “Pop perfection.” She’s already amassed over 150k streams on her two releases. Lo cites her inspirations to be Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and Gwen Stefani. “Only One on Earth” was written by Lauren Miles, Chris Chordz, and Andreas Hedegaard Mikkelsen and was produced by Andysocialclub and Slwmo. The music video for this song was filmed by Sam Sure and takes place on a deserted Oxford Street in Soho, London. The video perfectly matches the isolated vibe of this song. It’s easy to see that Lo Lauren will continue to raise the bar in pop music.

Written By Lauren DiGiovanni

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