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  • Casey Hascup

Review: "Onto Something" - Fab Dream Society

The Fab Dream Society’s newest single entitled, “Onto Something” echoes the complexities of human connection. The lyrics take us through an exciting journey about love, desire, and most poignantly; self-discovery. One compelling point in the song includes imagery of a halo with a corresponding reference about none other than Beyoncé herself, “Oh, you got a halo like Beyoncé.” At its core, “Onto Something” is an energetic song which details a romantic pursuit. The song’s early lines, “So feel the rush, it’s in my touch” greatly summarize an infatuation the singer is feeling. The chorus of the song reflects on the unpredictable nature of love (which we all experience at one time or another), “Guess you never saw it coming/ can’t you see we’re onto something.” Additionally, the ambiguousness of the track’s lyrics allow its audience to discover their own meaning.

From the moment “Onto Something” begins, the vibrant energy of the single washes over you. The song effortlessly merges the grooviness of disco with the accessibility of pop. The instrumentation can only be described as immersive. Between the pulsating beat and synth-like melodies; there is certainly great depth and texture to its sound. The vocal ability displayed in “Onto Something” is nothing short of fantastic. Fab Dream Society is certainly able to evoke a sense of joy through this song; which ultimately allows its lyrics to come to life.

Fab Dream Society is a music project hailing from the vibrant city of Oslo, Norway. Their signature sound embodies the essence of catchy pop music. By infusing influences of contemporary R&B with Pop, they create a fresh experience for listeners everywhere. Possessing a collaborative spirit, Fab Dream Society teams up with a number of diverse songwriters, producers, and vocalists to craft their music. On this particular single, their partner in crime was none other than Carlos Ukareda. Although it’s early in the career of these talented musicians, they have garnered the attention of 1,300 monthly listeners on Spotify, and you can be sure their music will continue to resonate with a growing audience. As they pave their path through the music scene, the anticipation for future tracks by Fab Dream Society only increases. Stay tuned and stay connected with the Fab Dream Society on all social media platforms to be the first to catch a listen to their new projects!

Written By Casey Hascup



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