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  • Lyndsey Cheng

Review: "Orange Afternoon" - The Astronomers

“Orange Afternoon” by The Astronomers has a nostalgic feel to it. The song gives us a gentle and warm reminder to enjoy the life and moment we are in right now. There is a sense of not wanting to miss the moment because it’s beautiful as it is. Living in the present time and not focusing on what’s to come next because we should learn how to embrace our current state. “Orange Afternoon” is one of those songs that bring listeners in to encourage them to enjoy every little second we have before moving forward and enjoying the next. Life can be stressful but slowing down and enjoying it will make it calm and relaxing.

There are beautiful guitar strums in the beginning before the lyrics come in on the eleventh second mark. There are claps that accompany the lyrics and guitar. The claps really add into the rhythm and feel-good vibe of the soundscape. The unique addition of bells make you want to move your body and nod your head with their catchy groove. The lyrics are nostalgic and simple, but they hold so much meaning. They tell us to live in the moment and with the next day coming, there will be new, exciting things to look forward to. The lyrics, “Lot of people want this life” show that many people may admire the life you have, but they may not realize the struggles that comes with it as well.

The Astronomers is an indie-alto pop duo that consists of the members Ben Baker and Michael Stensland who are from Fond du Lac. They recently signed with Paladin Booking agency and have played at many festival shows. Their lead single, “Overthinking” and EP “Guess It’s Just Life” played on Wisconsin’s radio and reached #1 on the top nine. The duo released their debut album back in 2022 called The Occasion, with their song “Bad Type” that has charted on WIXX 101.1. They performed at venues, Titletown Green Bay and The Terrace in Madison that had over 500 people that came. At the start of the new year 2023, The Astronomers went on a Headline Tour over the Midwest.

Written By Lyndsey Cheng


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