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  • Emily Hancock

Review: "Orange" - Estella Dawn

In a society where dating apps have become the norm, it’s never surprising when you hear about people meeting through Hinge or Tinder. Estella Dawn’s newest hit, “Orange” focuses in on this virtual dating world and depicts a story of an experience with a Tinder match. “Orange” is about a rare instance where an online match actually results in instant chemistry and connection. So often, it’s hard to have good experiences when finding love online, but Dawn’s latest single is about the possibility of finding everything you were looking for and more. The love song sings a tale of modern dating life and the excitement of a new love– what could be better?

This feel-good tune relies heavily on keyboard and percussive instruments to form the melodic base of the song. “Orange” is laid-back and chill, simply just telling a story through song. In a way, I feel the structure of “Orange” is very poetic, sensual, and romantic. It truly feels like a love ballad, it’s just here to tell a story about people connecting and falling in love. I think that this song is very relatable for listeners as most people have gone through dating apps and experienced similar stories. I think there’s also a good underlying message to this tune– take a chance and put yourself out there, you’ll never know the great things you may find. I think “Orange” shows the beauty in taking a chance on someone new.

Estella Dawn has kept busy releasing new singles back-to-back. With “Buzz Cut” in early March, “Easy to Fall” in early April, Dawn keeps it coming with her release of “Orange”. The pop artist continues to put out music we love, focusing on topics of empowerment, confidence, and the world of love. Dawn has curated a rapidly growing audience and has not once disappointed with her steady stream of music. Dawn continues to make it a goal to encourage everyone to live their best life through her music. Don’t close your eyes, or ears, for a second, you won’t want to miss any of Estella’s upcoming projects.

Written By Emily Hancock



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