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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Ordinary Life" - Rauly

“Ordinary Life” is a bouncy reflective jam exploring the difficulties of navigating your passions in the world. Everyone wishes that they could make their passion their full-time job, but having this truly happen is often only up to fate and a lot of luck. Rauly touches upon the difficulties of working a corporate job in the day while frantically working on their passions in the shroud of night. Rauly’s struggles paint a picture of relatability for anyone who’s working a casual desk job only until their dreams can finally become achievable, pairing defiant punk-rock with the idea of realizing your own dream.

Rauly expertly glides through his range, meticulously crafting her nuances and inflections to create a relatable story that’s realistic and reflective. From the background beat of the drums to the melodic harmonies of the guitars, “Ordinary Life” slowly inches its way into an explosive chorus, ignited by the passion in Rauly’s voice as he pours his heart out in a sweet sweet catharsis. No one wants to be tied down to the rat race for the rest of their lives, and Rauly’s determined voice cuts through all of the what-ifs and why-nots into pure focus towards seeing success at doing what he loves.

Rauly has quickly become THE rising star of 2023, capturing his listeners with his unique voice alongside indie pop melodies or hip-hop-influenced flows. Releasing seven singles and an acoustic album last year, Rauly is no stranger to the LA music landscape, performing at various rising artists' showcases. By bringing his own raw emotions and experiences into the form of catchy hooks and melodies, Rauly touches upon topics like love, heartbreak, shame, anxiety, substance abuse, and uncertainty. It’s clear that Rauly is not only talented but also determined to show the world all that he can offer. Don’t miss his upcoming EP ‘Ordinary Life’, releasing in June.

Written By Megan Cao


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