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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "Out Of Love" - Adelina

Folks, we are officially in Scorpio season! This season is about death, transformation, and rebirth. It sounds scary, but the three notions give us permission to embrace an inner power and move forward in life. To properly celebrate it, we need to listen to music that allows us to feel this fierce reanimation. Adelina’s “Out Of Love” not only welcomes the end of a relationship but acknowledges that this end is a transitional period that requires leaving the former partner in the past – and it’s perfect for Scorpio season.

“Out Of Love” is an austere pop track that's heavily reminiscent of 80s synth-pop. The single opens with a sound that makes listeners envision a faraway dreamscape before Adelina chimes in with the first verse. This verse informs the audience that the former partner from the relationship is now sorry for their inattentiveness in light of the artist’s absence. A story as old as time; emotionally negligent partners only miss you when you’re gone. Little does the former flame know, too much time has passed. The love the artist once had for them has faded. Adelina’s love was the only thing that kept the relationship alive – and she even admits that her "love was really blinding". But thankfully, the former partner won’t be able to weasel their way back into Adelina’s life because she’s processed the death of the relationship and has subsequently moved on.

Singer and songwriter, Adelina, has Kosovo-Albanian roots but hails from Perth, Western Australia. The artist always had high ambitions of becoming a global pop icon: even cultivating her stage presence and vocals from an early age. In her teens, she would find herself writing music – doing so gave her the freedom to explore her identity and adopt differing perspectives. All these factors helped Adelina create an image and sound that drips with a sultry elegance that can be mysteriously dark. If you need more songs in your Villain Era playlist, Adelina's discography has got you covered; my personal favorite from the list is her reimagined cover of the Fugees "Ready or Not". Now shower this rising pop-sensation with some virtual love in the form of streams and follows.

Written By Giavanna Gradaille



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