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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "Outta My Head" - Caleb Kopta

Unrequited love is often considered a universal human experience, destroying the hearts of many along the way. Caleb Kopta explores the intricacies of the complex feelings that accompany this experience in his newest single, "Outta My Head." The track takes a deep dive into the frustration that arises from chasing after something unobtainable, noting what it's like to long for something out of reach. Marking six years since the artist's debut, "Outta My Head" shows Kopta emerging from personal struggles of depression and heartbreak with a newfound, admirable strength and resilience.

Caleb Kopta creates the perfect indie-rock/pop-rock sound in "Outta My Head," seamlessly blending modern and nostalgic elements to make the track timeless. The single is captivating from start to finish, featuring a lush soundscape comprised of 80s-inspired synths and drums, groovy bass lines, and bright guitar riffs. Kopta's commanding voice steals the show with a vocal quality similar to Brandon Flowers, Harry Styles, and David Le'aupepe. Unapologetically indie, "Outta My Head" would fare well in a playlist alongside acts like The Killers, Inhaler, and Gang of Youths, making the energetic track essential for fans of the genre.

Hailing from Pittsburgh, PA, Caleb Kopta has been steadily building an impressive career as a singer-songwriter and producer. He prides himself on honing his nostalgic sound, effortlessly mixing elements of contemporary pop with classic rock. Kopta draws inspiration from the rock superstars of the 70s and 80s, using their influence to shape his voice and pave his way within the modern alternative rock scene. Having achieved a great deal since his debut, Kopta has garnered a quarter of a million streams and has shared the stage with acts like White Reaper, Punchline, Michigander, and Parachute. The artist is regularly compared to icons like Bruce Springsteen, Bleachers, and The Killers, speaking to his nuanced sound. Some of Kopta's popular releases include "Foreign Language," "Kids," and "Anything."

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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