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  • Cate Schnoebelen

Review: "Over and Out" - Alex Beck

Alex Beck has given us an edgy rock hit, with her new song “Over and Out”. This song lets us feel for Alex in a soulful way recovering from a breakup. “Over and Out” can leave us all feeling empowered to leave when we need to, while also accepting how hard it might be. From leaving a relationship or a friendship Alex guides us through the troubles of being so ready to leave but the lingering anger might just make you stay, or stay mad for longer than you want. Leaving us with the lines “I wish I could say I was over and out” can give us a sense of attempting to move on but just one thing can set you off and make you want to stay.

“Over and Out” is a powerful indie rock song, and Alex gives us addicting vocals to latch ourselves onto for the journey of this track. Starting with a soft and mellow tune, this song takes a quick turn as if we are going with Alex through the stages of her breakup. From this, the beat builds as her voice follows. As the song progresses we are led to the anger and pain within her tone as various layers of bass and drums are mixed in. As Alex leads us into the middle of the song we are fully pulled in by her voice and the overall anthem that is “Over and Out”. This song leaves you wanting to learn every word to sing along with her by the end of your first listen. Alex ends this song again with her enchanting vocals that pair with the overall tone of the song, and this makes you want to hit the rewind button to jam out to this track all over again!

Alex Beck is a young singer and songwriter who is based in Los Angeles. She has started her music journey at a young age, allowing her to discover her sound and make amazing music that is truly unique to her. Since attending Berklee College of Music she was able to channel her talent more than ever before. Alex is deeply passionate about music and has learned so much about singing and storytelling from her idols. She writes from the heart and is able to captivate her fans with her anthem-like music. We simply cannot wait to see how she continues to grow as an artist. Definitely check out her music and follow her below to stay up to date on what Alex will bring to the table next!

Written By Cate Schnoebelen


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