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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "Over You" - CeCe

“Over You” is from the perspective of someone who isn’t. The pop-punk style song is angry, feeling stuck in a past relationship, addicted to the toxicity, while wanting to move on. CeCe’s past relationship is hardly described in the song, a reflection of her mindset, continuously trying to shut it out. Her new love interest, though, is given impeccable detail and sympathy. He’s a knight in shining armor, the type to rescue one from an unhealthy relationship. Nothing could be better, and yet, she sings of cravings for the worst. “Over You” is not a song romanticizing toxicity, it’s a song about romanticizing toxicity. She misses the insanity, and calls herself insane for this desire. CeCe tells a truth many wish they could say with her confidence. Nonetheless, considering its subject matter, it’s a surprisingly healthy tale. Yes, she finds herself struggling to move on; however, she is intent on doing so. And she doesn’t bring her knight down with her. “Over You” is not only relatable to many, it’s advisory.

"Over You" begins with a soft beat, but it quickly turns sharp, and CeCe begins singing. “Got a new man”, the first words of the song. When it begins, it sounds as if she truly has moved on. She sings only praise of this new relationship, but there is an overbearing sense that something is amiss. More and more audio effects are added into the background, until finally she admits “‘Cause I’m still getting over you” and the listener is reminded that this isn’t a love song, the “you” being addressed is not whom she sings so fondly of. The first chorus introduces the listener not only to CeCe’s incredible production abilities, with an astoundingly magnetic melody; but the strength and passion of her voice. She holds her final note for so long, it begins meshing with the background audio, creating a fresh, techno, sound. She goes on, singing of what she’s “supposed” to do, but keeps falling back into the sincerity of her chorus. The song ends with another rendition of it, leaving nothing but static for the following moments.

CeCe was born in a rural town in Illinois and grew up on a farm, far from her current L.A. lifestyle and home. She began singing when she was five years old, a school performance, something most kids would participate in and move on from. Not CeCe. She had found her passion, she sang everywhere she could. At 18, she joined the band VilHolla and began performing across the Midwest. While touring, she was approached for the reality show The X Factor. She stood out, immediately revealing her authentic creativity, being labeled the show's “most polarizing” participant. She finished in 6th place, and with her new-found fame, set out to begin work in the music industry independently. In 2018, she created Good Wolf Entertainment, a music video production company. Now, she’s respected in several careers including fashion, production, and, of course, music. With several albums, hundreds of thousands of followers, and a fan base called “warriors”, you’d think she’s already “made it”, but I believe CeCe has just begun- stream “Over You” now and follow her below to witness her incredible journey.

Written By Hailey Schap



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