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  • Keiunna Thompson

Review: "Overdraft" - Rooue

The song begins “You keep putting me in my overdraft”. The immediate metaphor draws the listener in and makes them want to hear more and learn what exactly these lyrics mean.  The listener gets their answers as they take a navigate through the emotions that this song evokes. The pop duo effortlessly navigates their way through the song that creates an atmosphere of regret but also still of love as evidenced by them saying “Don’t want to be cold, but it’s getting old.” They want to help their lover but realize that they can’t and that they’re joining them in their misery, inadvertently. “You sabotage your health, then call me for help.” The duo has stated that the song is about leaving an emotionally abusive relationship and reflecting on the duration of it. The repetition of the line "You keep putting me in my overdraft" achieves the goal of inviting the listener to feel the pain felt by the duo as they detail what they've gone through in this taxing relationship.

“Maybe I should’ve counted all of the gaslights, the long fights, cause now I’m left all by myself.” They seem to reflect on the fact that they’re in overdraft because they didn’t realize the toll the relationship was taking on them and thought that love would be enough to sustain it. Although they are now by themselves, they now have a chance to get out of the overdraft and love again, happily. The song ends with “Stuck in my overdraft”, so the duo remains in this state of mind, with no hope for their account (emotions, soul) being replenished. The hypnotizing music paired with the lyrics and vocals easily makes this song one that will undoubtedly be in heavy rotation and topping the charts in no time. Concerning the song and its message, the duo has stated “We wanted to make a song that we wish we could have heard when going through this situation and maybe help someone who hears it to not feel alone." The duo credits themselves with making music that is both relatable as well as dance-inspiring.


Although the song is sang by twins, Louisa and Roisin, their voices blend to create the effect of one united powerhouse. They attribute this to their strong connection as sisters as well as twins. They describe themselves as an “electro pop twin duo”. Rooue count themselves lucky to be able to call both London and Dublin home as they were born in London and raised in Dublin. Rooue released their first single in 2020 during the lockdown felt around the world. Since then, they have broken their way into the music scene and created a space for music on their own terms. They currently have 65 subscribers on YouTube, over 1,500 monthly Spotify listeners, over 300 followers on Facebook, over 1,400 followers on Instagram, over 140 followers on X, and over 800 followers on TikTok. You can stream “Overdraft” as well as the rest of their music below.

Written By Keiunna Thompson



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