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  • Emylee Herring

Review: "Overkill" - Tessa Dalton

Overkill by Tessa Dalton

Nothing feels quite as good as summer love. The warmth it fills you with that has you smiling brighten than the sun - but once the Summer starts coming to an end, you start to wonder if it really is love, or just a casual fling that will fade away with the Summer heat as it turns to cold. Tessa Dalton just released her new single “Overkill", which is a song that encapsulates exactly what it feels like to fall head over heels for someone when you least expected it. The vibrant synths and punchy drums bring so much energy to the track. Tessa’s vocals are stunning and bring a Gracie Abrams vibe to the song. “Overkill” is definitely one to add to your summer playlist.

Tessa paints a picture of a relationship going full 360, from a casual situation to taking a hard fall into someone. She expressed lyrically how she doesn’t even care what they are labeled as long as they are together. “We can keep it a secret, you can whisper that I’m yours.” Sometimes we are satisfied keeping feelings held close and tight. I love the imagery she added with the line “every red light, kissing till our drinks spill.” This single brings all the hope of reciprocated love and how beautiful it feels. Tessa made an enjoyable song we can all play on full blast.

Tessa Dalton is a multi instrumentalist singer-songwriter. She grew up in Idaho and now resides in Nashville, Tennessee. She is very well known with the fiddle and has participated  in a fiddle championship in multiple states. She has gotten to play on many tracks and is now taking her turn at being a studio musician. Tessa was a finalist in an international songwriting competition back in 2023 with two unreleased songs. She is incredibly talented and I know her spotlight with keep getting brighter. Tessa has a few other songs out for us to listen to so check out her Spotify link below.

Written By Emylee Herring



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