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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Own Damn Feelings" - Bambii Lamb

Photo Credits: Michelle Chwala

“Own Damn Feelings” is a stark and honest look at how a relationship has been running ragged. Lamb captures the pivotal moment between wanting to carry on because of all the work she’s already put into her current interest and the recognition that what’s happening isn’t healthy for herself. Lamb’s ethereal-like voice pierces through the melancholic production, bringing in the transcendent aura of reflection. When you overthink things, every action, word, and feeling to only suit your own idea of who the person is, then the only person you’re really going to hurt is yourself. Relationships are built on trust, and if you can’t learn to trust the other person over your own insecurities, then your feelings will always be hurt.

From the smooth ukulele and Bambii’s hauntingly sweet vocals, the song soon changes its tune, introducing beautiful synths and hard-hitting bass. Adding in repeated vocal chops, Bambii’s buttery voice pairs well to create a dreamy atmosphere, conveying the confusing buzz of anxiety perfectly. The angst is real, and the 90s-inspired vintage-style music video adds a raw visual edge, tying all the elements together in a neat bow. Bambii bears her emotions for all to see with her emotional lyrics, keeping the song organic by highlighting the atmosphere over other aspects.

A Florida native, understandably, Bambii Lamb’s overall aesthetic can only be described as a daydream. From her ephemeral and wistful music style to adding a sarcastic twist to the trope of conventional teen pop music, Lamb excels at adding pop culture references: from the nostalgia of 80s video game vibes to the meta and honest references towards herself and others. Writing and performing at the young age of 14, once Lamb began working with her producer Zach Rodriguez, she’s only gone up from there on. Releasing two albums over the last four years, Lamb promises big things to come as we break into 2023, with “Own Damn Feelings” only a little taste of a much much larger pie.

Written By Megan Cao



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