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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "paranoia" - vara

“paranoia” by vara perfectly encapsulates our late night thoughts when the world seems a lot scarier. Our mind is on a one way train down a path we do not wish to be on, but there seems to be no way off the ride. We can admit things in the four walls of our bedroom and mind that we wouldn’t dare speak aloud, or even think, around other people. We answer questions of concern with nervous laughter and polite smiles. We say we’re okay because we want to speak it into existence. There are some secrets we even keep from ourselves; ones we wouldn’t even dare let the thought come out in full. We know ourselves better than anyone in this world, but we also lie to ourselves and rewrite stories to fit the narrative we wish to see in the mirror. We fear if we say it, it becomes gospel. There shouldn’t be fear in honesty, and admitting something doesn’t mean it’s permanent. We’re paranoid of what others might think; we’re paranoid it’ll stay like this forever; we’re paranoid it’s too far gone… but the only thing we should be paranoid of is not being honest with ourselves and not trying to ask for help and find some resolution.

Vara mixes vulnerability and apprehension beautifully in their new dark pop single, “paranoia”. They have a tight, introspective grasp on the oceans of secrets we wish would wash away from our mind. They give us an intimate glimpse into their mind, and they had a candid conversation about mental health and depression. They remind us that there is no stigma or fear in admitting you need help. “paranoia” is reminiscent of our favorite early 2000’s punk hits, and vara mixes that nostalgia with an important message that could help so many people. They say the things out loud that we try so hard to keep close, and those open, raw statements are going to create a plethora more of those crucial conversations.

Vara is a singer/songwriter and social media influencer. They are signed under their own label, Kefe Records, and “paranoia” is the first single. Vara has gained traction and fans from social media, and that is only going to flourish with their unique and honest influential music. Vara is reminiscent of a young Billie Eilish or Lana del Rey. They are only beginning the journey to stardom, and with their captivating, powerful, and insightful story-telling, we are rest assured they are going to change the music game for good.

Written By Grace Chapman



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