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  • Sydney Gray

Review: "Part-Time Girlfriend" - Alice Pisano

Alice Pisano’s “Part-Time Girlfriend” hooks you from the first note of the upbeat introduction. The feisty pop anthem recounts feeling like you found someone to have a relationship, but then, they back out before things can get too serious. Feeling swept up in the romance and possibilities, but then being faced with the reality that they don’t want to commit. Pisano takes on an edge of rock in this track as she acknowledges her worth and knows that she’ll be better off without a guy that doesn’t believe she’s worth full commitment to a relationship. It is an exciting track that you should give a listen.

Pisano was inspired to write this track after dating someone that wasn't willing to commit to a relationship. Between energetic production and rich vocals, the verses tell the story of the moments that made her fall for this guy and when things changed. The anthemic chorus is a huge kiss-off to this person as she sings "Oh, what a waste of my time / I'm not gonna be your part-time girlfriend / No, Romeo goodbye / I don't care and I don't need to anyway." She knows that she is worth commitment and a relationship and more than casualness. She isn't willing to settle for less than that because of this guy's sweet romantic gestures.

Alice Pisano is an Italian-born, London-based singer-songwriter. Her strength is in the relatability and authenticity of her lyricism, often as it pertains to her experiences with dating and love. In February of 2023, she released her second EP "Shattered but Still Cool" that dives into her experiences with dating apps, going on dates, falling for someone, and the negatives that come with dating. Tracks from this EP were featured on several Spotify playlists, including New Pop UK and 6 New Music Fridays. Her debut single "Celebrate Life" has achieved over 4 million streams on Spotify, and she has amassed over 20,000 monthly listeners on the platform. If you're looking for a new pop artist to give a listen, Alice Pisano is worth the chance.

Written By Sydney Gray



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