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  • Jaylice Mitchell

Review: "Party Favors" - Kid Souf

"Party Favors" by Kid Souf is an electro-pop anthem that, when heard, automatically makes you want to get up and dance. It has a similar essence to disco songs while still being its own thing and just as special. From the singing to the beat in the background, it has a total groove essence that will distract you from the fact that this song is actually about reflecting on the ways a relationship can negatively affect you and how learning to love yourself the way you should be loved really shines in how you were treated previously. After a heartbreak, taking the necessary steps to recover highlights how you were treated before, for better or for worse, and that realization is not only something most can relate to but is also displayed so well in this song. It’s almost like a celebration of healthily moving on with a groovy beat to jam to as you dance!

As mentioned before, this song perfectly embodies the genres it's in—a groovy tune followed by lyrics that come in with just the right amount of persona and flare that make you want to go out with your friends and club. To celebrate how far you've come in the aftermath of a failed relationship because, once you take a step back for yourself, it becomes all so clear. The song kicks off with an ad-lib of "you left me" just to set the tone. Yet, you're surely mistaken if you think, based on that alone, that this is a sad song. Far from it, as the lyrics continue and tell the tale of Kid Souf seemingly out on the town with a new heart in his hand, not scorned by his previous love experience. He’s ready to live life, have fun, and love himself the way he should! The chorus, "You left me scars, like party favors," not only encapsulates what kind of song this really is but lets out this perfect clubbing essence, adding to the experience tenfold. The next verse kicks in and talks about how, even if the ex in this song is dealing with someone new physically, they still want him back despite how badly they messed up. They miss them, but Kid Souf makes it clear that it won’t go. He’s healed, and he can’t have love for someone who loved him so irresponsibly, so he finds solace in another lover to heal him—himself! The chorus comes back in and makes it even clearer, as if it’s him standing his ground once more to let his ex-lover know that he’s better off without him, and he doesn’t intend on letting that heartbreak back into his life. Overall, this song is such a fun and equally uplifting anthem that will get you in just the right mood, and it feels like it naturally gives you the kind of energy to move forward in any endeavor, no matter the subject. I can see this song being one you scream the chorus to in the car!

Kid Souf, from Philadelphia, brings a 70s/80s disco feel to his music, perfectly encapsulating that sound while also sounding unique to him and his personal tone and style. He combines the essence of those genres with the style of maximalist pop of the 2010s, giving the music a retro but also modern feel. Kid Souf, a member of the LGBTQ community, faced challenges growing up within a hyper-religious cult in the early 2000s, but he didn't let that stop him. Through a secret radio, he connected and found ways to find himself through music every single night he could. Listening to Lady Gaga and Britney Spears, which still inspire him to this day, helped him through dark times. Music, pop music, and pop culture intertwined within his life and helped him shine, giving us the beautifully catchy sound he delivers in this bright, lovely song. As a queer person myself, this kind of music always speaks to me on a spiritual level, and it’s always a plus to see people in my community express themselves through one of the most beautiful art forms out there! With 2k monthly listeners on Spotify, I can only see this number growing in the future, not only with the general public but with everyone who can relate to his music. I’m looking forward to what he does next, and if you are too, keep in touch with the social media links below to see what this talented artist has in store for the future!

Written By Jaylice Mitchell



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