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  • Molly Schiff

Review: "PARTY" - Migrant Motel

Sure, partying is fun, but sometimes you simply are not in the mood to go out. This can be for many reasons but rings especially true when you’re incredibly into someone who doesn’t seem to like you back. If this is you right now, then Migrant Motel has the single for you. Their newest release “PARTY” despite having all the beats and giving other indications that this is a song about partying, is exactly the opposite. The song is originally an anthem to staying at home and having a chill night, but with the chorus comes the mark of an ulterior motive for not wanting to go out. This party anthem with a twist might just be the perfect not wanting to go out song of the summer.

The soft guitar melody and chill vibe of the Migrant Motel voices bring us into the first verse of this song. However, the song quickly picks up into an upbeat dance vibe while maintaining its coolness in the chorus. Migrant Motel achieves this by working more instruments in and layering them throughout the chorus while keeping the original guitar rhythm as the song’s base. The song follows the same theme with the second verse and lead-up to the chorus, making it catchy and easy to quickly pick up. You will no doubt be singing along perfectly by the second chorus, having picked up the pattern and enjoying yourself while doing it.

Migrant Motel is made up of David Steward Jr. and Chava Ilizaliturri. David is Peruvian-American and Chava hails from Mexico. The two friends began combining their love for music into their unique and special songs while studying together at college in Boston. Throughout the years, they have built up a fan base in the United States, Mexico, and a large part of Latin America. Recently, they have shifted their focus towards growing the Bi-Cultural and Bi-Lingual movements in America. With their relocation to Los Angeles in 2020 and time spent playing iconic venues on the L.A. circuit, the pair worked up enough momentum to perform as headliners on the BMI stage at Lollapalooza in 2021. You can catch Migrant Motel on tour coming up very soon!

Written By Molly Schiff



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