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  • Kaiana Lee

Review: "PCH" - Aurora Sage

Spending late nights dreaming of something bigger than ourselves. Sneaking out of the house to run wild with your friends. Where did the time go? It’s all just memories now. We’re all so far away from the youthfulness our hometowns offered. Aurora's sages track PCH covers this nostalgic feeling in such a beautifully compelling way. With a mixture of rustic guitar and melodic synth, the track brings out a dynamic soundscape that invokes wistful feelings. Let’s take a trip down memory lane with Aurora Sage.

PCH is short for Pacific Coast Highway. Those of us born and raised on the West Coast know this well. Aurora Sage holds PCH in a special place in her heart and it shows with this track. The record aptly named after the highway is a bittersweet pop track that dives into the changes that come with adulthood. This Soft acoustic track is a love letter to Sage's hometown in California. Though the track is a pop song it has many elements of country that do not go unnoticed. Her use of acoustic guitar creates a dreamy atmosphere that takes you along the ride with Sage as she remembers her youthful exuberance. PCH is a beautiful track that makes the listener miss the days of running free before the responsibilities of adulthood.

Aurora Sage is a singer/songwriter based in Nashville. She is rather new to the industry but her talent is years in the making. Her sound is like no other, blending pop, indie rock, and R&B into each of her tracks. She puts her heart and soul into each song. Her strong suit is writing relatable songs. Sage has a knack for songwriting that should put her on everyone's radar. Aurora Sage is one to watch.

Written By Kaiana Lee



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