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  • Joselyn Jimenez

Review: "Peace" - Roses & Revolutions

            Released March 29th, “Peace” by Roses & Revolutions captures the quiet desperation of lovers drifting apart. Love is one of life’s great complexities and “Peace” paints the picture of a diligent partner trying their hardest to pour into a relationship that is dying. The song opens with the lyrics “I’ve never been so tired, but I don’t want to die alone, never felt so undesired, I guess maybe I should go,” demonstrating the moment when lovers start to become strangers. It’s a jarring realization to wake up one day and realize the person you love is falling out of love with you despite your best efforts to satisfy them. It’s hard to pull yourself away from the person you love, especially when they become cold. “Peace” highlights the want for closure on one side while the other seems to be actively checked out of the relationship already. The chorus shows this through lyrics “You’ve never been so cold, I just need to know, when you were with me, was there ever peace?”   

Roses & Revolutions states that “You keep trying to make them happy, make them love you, almost in a desperate way, to earn their affection. You feel like you’re doing everything right, but they’re still not happy.”

Described as the “in-between” moment in a relationship by the duo, “Peace” tells a beautiful story of a lover desperately seeking some form of closure from their partner. Roses & Revolutions does a wonderful job of capturing that breath you didn’t realize you were holding before the emotional breakdown. Despite its light and delicate tone, “Peace” captures the dejected feeling of not being enough for someone. The simple melody played on the piano sets the scene and creates a somber backdrop for singer Alyssa Coco’s breathy vocals to deliver the texture necessary to tell this story. The drums and guitar help build the frustration of the song lyrics. That quiet desperation creeps up until it reaches the cathartic release of understanding that this is ending and all you want after pouring so much of yourself into someone else is closure. In this sense, “Peace” seems to have a double meaning.  

Formed in 2014, indie duo Roses & Revolutions gained viral attention in 2016 after the release of their first song “The Pines” which was featured on their self-titled debut EP in 2018 alongside hits “Big Bad Wolf” and “Moment”. Since their initial rise, the Rochester, NY natives have released several hit singles including “Dancing In A Daydream” from their 2020 EP Under the Spell, “It’s Not Living ( If It’s Not With You)” and “The Night We Met” from their second 2020 EP Covers, and their single “Coffee” featuring Lostboycrow, later released on their 2021 EP Midnight Monsters. The duo creates delicate melodies that craft stories and capture the beautiful and tumultuous nature of life. Thanks to their viral success they’ve been able to share stages with artists K Flay, Kaleo, Nina Nesbitt, and VÉRITÉ. You can stream “Peace” and other hits by Roses & Revolutions on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube linked below.

Written By Joselyn Jimenez



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