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  • Lauren DiGiovanni

Review: "People Are Lovely" - Tayler Buono

“People Are Lovely” should be your reminder to call all your friends and family to tell them that you love them. Tayler Buono wrote “People Are Lovely” as a tribute to all of “her people”, and as a reminder to carry yourself with confidence. The song starts off with a voicemail from her mom who’s telling her to make friends that feel like family. The voicemail ends, and Taylor jumps into her experiences with her optimistic spirit. She tells a stranger that she loves them, but they’re put off by her unabashed optimism. Tayler is constantly hyping up her friends, telling “[her] bestie that she’s sexy every time that she leaves.” She even told a guy on a first date that he was the man of her dreams. In the pre-chorus, she recognizes that her optimism might scare people away, but she has a lot of love in her heart that she wants to give away. Then in the chorus, she shouts out all of her people, saying that they love her no matter what, and all the sad songs turn into happy ones “like sun in the rain.” Tayler then says that she loves her people, and says if people don’t like her it’s okay because she has her friends and family always by her side. In the next verse, she talks about how she used to pick petals off a flower to see if someone loves her, but now she’s so indifferent she puts them in her hair. She tells strangers all of her secrets, goes to parties just to “bust down and leave,” and holds an after-party with all of her friends. “People Are Lovely” is a meaningful and heartfelt tribute to all the people that Tayler cares about.

“People Are Lovely” perfectly blends elements of a ballad and a pop song. The song combines deep, meaningful lyrics with a stereotypical pop sound. During the voicemail, there is a string orchestra playing a dreamy piece underneath. When the voicemail, Tayler switches up the vibe to a classic pop song. The instrumentation isn’t too complex, with only bass, guitar, drums, and piano, but the simple backing track places emphasis on Tayler’s vocals and lyrics. The song doesn’t need all the fancy tricks to make the song sound good; the message makes it feel good. At the end of the chorus, the backing track takes a step back until it’s just a piano and Tayler, which is dream-like and smooth. The second verse has the same instrumentation as the first verse but has more rhythmic hi-hats added to create some dimension. And as the final pre-chorus comes in, it’s just Tayler’s voice and the piano again, and the final chorus has Tayler’s background vocals soaring over her main melody.

Tayler has been in the music business for over 10+ years, navigating the ups and downs of the industry. Her 2017 release “Technically Single” landed her the number 1 spot on Spotify’s US Viral 50 Chart. Tayler, who’s based in Nashville, now has over 50 million lifetime streams on Spotify. Her first album, “how to get through a breakup”, released in 2022, has over 4 million streams. In preparation for her sophomore album, “Stay Dreamy”, and a live show, she has been releasing a new single off the album every 4 to 6 weeks. “People Are Lovely” was recently noticed by Simon Cowell, and the song will be featured on both Britain’s Got Talent and America’s Got Talent. Currently, Tayler has over 50k monthly listeners on Spotify, and with a great track record, it’s guaranteed that you will hear from Tayler again and again.

Written By Lauren DiGiovanni

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