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  • Willow Gray

Review: "People Pleaser" - Rachel Newnham

Rachel Newnham People Pleaser Cover Art

“People Pleaser” delves into an innate desire to be no longer held down by your people pleasing nature. As each day passes, you feel less and less like yourself. There are few moments where you’re not solving everyone’s problems. Each text you receive and conflict you avoid weighs you down and cements your mindset. Finally, the constant mistreatment from others becomes too much for you. Not too long ago, you tolerated being walked all over. There wasn’t much room for your own feelings to be heard and present. You now desire a life where there aren’t countless requests and involuntary therapy sessions from everybody around you. Although you convinced yourself that you needed to be there for everyone at any moment, you cannot handle the never-ending exhaustion. You fully acknowledge your own autonomy and realize how long you allowed this mistreatment to go on for.

“People Pleaser” is an adult contemporary and dance pop anthem that balances powerful vocals with seamless atmospheric production. The most standout aspect of this single is the impressive vocal display showcased by Rachel Newnham. During the verses, the focus is on the vocality while the instrumentation is present yet subdued. The chorus alters this and the instrumental gradually transitions into the foreground. These elements bounce off each other and make each element seem as though they are blending when necessary rather than being in competition. The bridge for this single standouts due to how much the instrumentation changes. Each note consistently drops with each vocal line being sung. This is a welcome alteration that highlights the standout instrumentation.

Rachel Newnham is a singer-songwriter currently based in London, UK. Newnham has been fascinated with music from a young age, seeing influences such as her father who was a guitarist in a band. She regularly participated in musical activities during school such as being in musicals and chorus. She did not officially begin her music career until she moved to London and began creating and working with a music producer. In 2022, she was one of the premiere talents on BBC1 show I Can See Your Voice’s second season. She gained a lot of notoriety from this appearance, gaining over 15 million views on tiktok and a considerable social media following. She takes inspiration from artists such as Taylor Swift, Julia Michaels, and Maisie Peters. Make sure to follow her on social media and give “People Pleaser” a listen!

Written By Willow Gray



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