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  • Kelli Dixon

Review: "People Pleaser" - SACARIAS

It is a good feeling to be liked by the people around us. Even so, we need to remember that we can’t please everyone. There is a wide variety of personalities out there. Some of them may not gel well together, and that’s okay! Trying to please everyone you meet is simply exhausting. Even worse, it can cause you to lose sight of who you really are. SACARIAS knows this, and he tells his story in his new funk-infused pop single, “People Pleaser.” If you’re in his position, remember to surround yourself with people who allow you to be 1000% authentic. Those who can’t accept the “real you” shouldn’t be in your life.

I liked how the instrumentation of this track was light and upbeat. This first verse starts out with a smooth bass guitar as SACARIAS sings, “I did it again, I spread myself thin.” As the chorus nears, the music speeds up. It seems as if there is a burst of energy on the words “I’m stressed.” The bass guitar is then layered with a keyboard. This is where the funk element really takes shape. We see that SACARIAS is done trying to please everyone and lets go of all his anxiety. He even sings the words, “ I’m holding on to something wrong for me.” This is a freeing feeling. I hope this song and story inspires listeners to love themselves and not care so much about what others think!

Sakarias N. Lundstad (AKA SACARIAS) is a singer/songwriter and producer from Norway. He discovered his love for producing music by experimenting with the GarageBand computer program. In 2017, SACARIAS started adding his own vocals. He has come a long way since working in his bedroom studio, receiving praise on both the Norwegian music scene and internationally. “People Pleaser” is SACARIAS’s second release of 2023. His first single “Therapy,” is an upbeat song about being in a relationship with a toxic person and wanting them to change their ways. I really enjoyed listening to SACARIAS’s music and can’t wait to hear what he comes up with next!

Written By Kelli Dixon



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