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  • Jordan Elliott

Review: "Perfect Time" (feat. Mikara) - BLUME

Perfect Time is the latest single and the first collaboration from EDM producer, Blume, and electro pop singer, Mikara. This is Blume's first release of 2024 and he kicks off the year with a banger. The song is about being thankful for a person who may not have been in your life forever but they "came at the perfect time." That lyric is repeated in the chorus several times and grants more power each time Mikara says it. I've found that so many modern breakup pop songs play into the idea that you need to hate your ex and I was pleasantly surprised by the alternative message found in this one. Some may say that it came out at the perfect time. A favorite lyric of mine that relates to this theme was "counting all the reasons you'd walk away/but you still understand me all the same." CHILLS! I'm a huge fan of the fact that after the pandemic brought us a slew of "I hate my ex" songs, there's finally another great breakup anthem with some positivity.

Blume's opening of this song resembles the classics... a melancholy electric guitar riff followed by a voice clip of a man trying to reach his ex over the phone. This is followed by Mikara's vocals (which I found to be reminiscent of the legendary Dua Lipa) and some light hi-hat drums. The pre-chorus is what sold me on Mikara as the next pop it-girl when she hits some impressive falsetto notes. The chorus builds to an epic beat drop that really shows off the intensity of Blume as a producer. His EDM style reminded me of the radio hits of Summer '16 which is strangely looked back on as the 'golden age' for my generation. I heard some Zedd, DJ Snake, and Major Lazer influences in there. However, it mostly reminded me of Flume's Never Be Like You. Flume. Blume. I wonder who the next breakout star of the -lume family will be. The song wraps up nicely in an outro where the guy on the phone returns to state, "some people come into our lives for a reason/they don't always have to stay forever to make a difference/sometimes, they get you through when you need someone the most like an angel at the perfect time." Blume and Mikara have great chemistry on this track and I definitely would be tuned in if a producer/singer collab album between the two was announced.

Blume started publishing music in 2021 under the Future Daydream record label with his first single, Over Again, which featured vocals from singer Audrey Chan. He later released Heal, another collaboration with Chan, and Something Real featuring Aydren, which is currently his most streamed song on Apple Music. Mikara, who is best known for her 2021 Melancholia EP, met up with Blume to do a promotional photoshoot for the single and they even shot some TikToks together. You can tell that this duo really has fun together and definitely will continue their streak of bops if they get back in the studio. Perfect Time is now streaming everywhere you get your music. If you want a track that you can add to your Dance Party AND Sad Boi Hours playlists, I highly recommend.

Written by Jordan Elliott


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