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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "Petty Bitch" - Arden Alexa

It's safe to say we've all had a falling out with someone. Sometimes it's over serious conflicts and sometimes it's over more...well, stupid stuff. Arden Alexa captures the raw emotions of these situations in her single, "Petty Bitch." Providing insight on what inspired the exasperated track, Arden revealed that "Petty Bitch" tells the story of the end of a friendship with her childhood best friend. The two parted ways over something arguably stupid, leaving Arden to deal with the difficult feelings and frustrations that came out of the experience. "Petty Bitch" was born out of this inner-turmoil Arden felt, serving as an outlet for the artist or anyone else who has been through something similar.

Serving with an infectious, fiery energy, Arden Alexa showcases sheer edginess with "Petty Bitch." The pop-rock anthem is steeped in frustration and the desire for revenge, featuring an aggressive soundscape to match. Feeling somewhere between Taylor Swift and Hayley Williams, Arden belts out irritated lyrics over face-melting guitar riffs and driving drums, perfectly depicting the pent-up emotions she's been facing. With the relatable nature of the lyrics and the cathartic feelings of the music, "Petty Bitch" will have listeners coming back again and again to scream along to the angsty track.

Arden Alexa is a 19-year-old singer/songwriter from San Francisco, CA. Music has been her passion for years, beginning with her mom taking her to "Music Together" as a toddler. She's been singing ever since, performing lead roles in musicals throughout her school career. In 2017, Arden won the Center of Social Justice Art Competition, showcasing her first original song. Winning the competition helped the artist realize that songwriting wasn't just something she could do for fun, but something she could use to help others. Making her debut in the music industry, Arden released her first single, "The Coast," in January of 2021. She has recently released her second EP, '22, which can be streamed on all platforms.

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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