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  • Emily Hancock

Review: "Picture" - Dee Holt x Chris James

Easy-going and fun, “Picture” arrives just in time to be the perfect summer pop track. Dee Holt’s latest single is about the excitement of being in a new relationship. “Let me take a picture, I’ll show you mine”. The groovy tune gives you that feeling of wanting to get to know someone and share yourself with them. With such an upbeat vibe, this song makes you automatically want to get up and dance.

“I’d never thought I’d meet someone/don’t need to fake it”, these lyrics embody the deeper meaning of “Picture”. While this latest hit is about having fun and being in a relationship, it also has a message about opening up to someone and letting your guard down. While new relationships come with excitement, they can often times also be stressful. People may find themselves trying to please someone else no matter if that means they lie and change their personality. “Picture” is about when you’ve finally found that one person you can be totally 100% transparent with and you don’t have to fake a thing– and how relieving is that? Relationships should be natural and fun and “Picture” does a beautiful job of showing this through the lyrics of the song.

Dee Holt comes from an artistic background of having a musical father and mother who paints. Dee studied art and music in high school and later animation in college. Having a natural creative talent, Dee connected with a local producer to release her first song, “Olivia”. Following her success, Dee continues to create music and does so passionately. We are obsessed with Dee Holt’s music and cannot wait for more hits.

Chris James is a popular songwriter-producer based in Berlin. The German-American musician found much success at an early age playing guitar on his popular YouTube channel. From there, James broke out from German labels as an independent artist. Recently Chris co-wrote the #1 Billboard hot 100 song “Life Goes On” by Kpop sensation BTS. Chris’s writing has found other success with making it to the biggest global charts. He has released several songs of his own that have totaled over 20 million streams.

Written By Emily Hancock




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