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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "pieces" - FABIAN

FABIAN pieces Cover Art

FABIAN reflects on the struggles of moving on in his latest single, "pieces." The track delves into a difficult topic as the singer addresses his conflicting emotions regarding his new relationship. FABIAN admits in the lyrics to feeling as if he is cheating on his past love by pursuing something new, despite them no longer being with each other. While trying to put the pieces back together, the artist finds himself haunted by the past, reminiscing over bittersweet memories of his ex. "pieces" is a powerful, relatable single, showing listeners what it is like learning to love again.

Though FABIAN's reflections are poignant and ambivalent, "pieces" is a firecracker of a song. The track is upbeat and energetic, giving a feeling of hope that the artist will be able to move on from this old flame. "pieces" creates a perfect commercial pop and nostalgic pop rock soundscape, combining the song's addictive melodies with a subtle nod to '00s rock. Compared to the likes of Lauv and 5 Seconds of Summer, FABIAN gives a compelling performance in "pieces," highlighting his rich sonic palette with captivating vocals, playful guitar riffs, and infectious beats.

Sparking his journey into the music industry at an early age, FABIAN's childhood was influenced by the pop icons of MTV and the cultural vibrancy of Södermalm, Stockholm. The Swedish pop artist, signed to Rexius Records, aims to create music that makes his listeners move, crafting feel-good tunes that everyone will want to have on repeat. Drawing inspiration from the stars that came before him, FABIAN follows in the footsteps of acts like Charlie Puth and NOTD. FABIAN finds himself driven by the need to create unforgettable melodies rather than thought-provoking lyrics, stating, "I’m more about feeling it than thinking about it."

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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