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  • Isabel Mays

Review: “Play Pretend” - ØNEIRØ x Ycy

One of my favorite things to keep an ear out for in a song is the vibe it gives off. Does it remind me of a song that I used to love? Is it a song that makes me want to dance? Thankfully, “Play Pretend” checks all the boxes! A collaboration between artists Ycy and ØNEIRØ, “Play Pretend” is a song that both put me in a good mood, but also reminded me of songs and artists I used to listen to all the time! The song is made up of some killer lyrics! “Leaving the cold in your arms / Teaching myself how to love again / Someone who knows how to listen / Someone who won’t leave me guessing.”

This song is so fun to listen to. It has a similar sound and energy to “Closer” by Halsey and The Chainsmokers, and I love it! I want to really focus on the instrumentals for this song, because each element to it works together extremely well. The drums are quiet, but also make their presence known. It also sounds like there’s some kind of synth playing in the background! When it comes to the vocals, both Ycy and ØNEIRØ have a smooth, natural sound! There’s a slight tinge of a mechanical element to their voices, like they’re singing in an almost robotic-like tone. And honestly, I think it works really well. It’s unique, and I haven’t heard anything like it in a while!

Let’s get to know the artists behind this collaboration! Noah Maxwell, better known by his stage name, ØNEIRØ, is a singer and songwriter whose goal is to release fun and unique Pop Alternative music to his fans. The name, ØNEIRØ, is Greek and translates to “dream”. ØNEIRØ says some of the inspiration behind his music comes from artists like Dua Lipa, The 1975, and even Twenty One Pilots! Yvonne Carter, or Ycy, is a German music singer, songwriter, producer, AND performing DJ! She has four previously released singles, including a collaboration with So.Lo. Her first song, “Rainbow Road,” was released in 2020, and since then, she has worked hard to regularly release new and exciting music! These two together made a great piece of art, and I can’t wait to hear what they both release next!

Written By Isabel Mays




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