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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Poison" - NAYTiiVE

“Poison” is a sensual pop jam about loving someone who’s simply poison for you. NAYTiive's smooth and silky voice croons as he compares his love to a variety of addicting things: gambling, whiskey, and poison. Though you know it’s not good for you, you can’t help but keep going back, addicted to the words, the emotions, and the feeling you get around them. NAYTiiVE cleverly weaves in metaphors comparing his love to other addictive things, carrying on the long metaphor throughout the whole song.

NAYTiiVE's lush and velvet-like voice flows throughout the track, adding some much-needed texture to the jazz-inspired pop piece. And the song’s catchy hook is the crowning jewel of the piece, an infectious melody that you can’t help but replay over and over again. The soundscape of the song is perfectly balanced among his voice, adding and swelling when needed. NAYTiiVE's charisma oozes out of the track, a cool and steady presence you can’t help but admire, slick and classy.

NAYTiiVE, based in north London, is determined to bring a new wave of funk and pop to the UK. His stage presence is nothing to scoff at, casually delivering high-energy performances and lifting the mood of his audience while doing so. Influenced by artists like Bruno Mars, Jamiroquai, and Parcels and Prince, NAYTiiVE makes sure that you have a good time, a party no matter wherever you are.

Written By Megan Cao



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