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  • Sydney Gray

Review: "Popcorn and a Smoothie" - Victor Ray

"Popcorn and a Smoothie" comes as the latest single by Victor Ray in anticipation of his upcoming EP, i felt. The track is inspired by Ray's younger half-brother that he never got to know, but it also serves as the words that he wished his estranged father would have told him when he was younger. The exceedingly vulnerable lyrics about wanting to get to know someone and explain why you have not been around are delivered between rich, soulful vocals and simple guitar-based instrumentation. Every line felt like diving deeper into Ray's heart, as he bore all his emotions out in the lyrics he penned. If you have ever felt like reconnecting with someone or wishing that someone would reach out to you and explain their absence in your life, this track is sure to resonate with you.

"Popcorn and a Smoothie" begins with Ray's soulful voice coming in over a guitar-based instrumentation apologizing for missing a birthday. The heartfelt refrain of "Maybe I could take you to the movies / You could get some popcorn and a smoothie / Sit next to me / Oh, 'cause I just wanna get to know you" elicits the simple desire to get to know his little brother. He continues to ask questions about his life, bring up feelings of regret, and say he wants to explain "why I'm only here sometimes." Through the track, we can hear the utter emotion in Ray's voice. He means and feels every syllable. The song serves as a poignant tribute to the connection that he's lost with his brother in a broken family.

Victor Ray was born in Uganda, raised in Newcastle, and now based in London. He started off busking on the streets of London when he moved there, but now has come to be praised for his street performances and amassed a strong following online. "Popcorn and a Smoothie" is the latest release as part of his four-track project, i felt, that tackles feelings of heartbreak and loss. Influenced by pop, R&B, and soul, Ray has crafted a tender and powerful sound that I cannot wait to see continue in his future releases. You can keep up with Victor Ray and his music by following the social media links below.

Written By Sydney Gray



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