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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "Post Humanity" - Paula Urbana

Discovering the true colors of someone you love can be frustrating, realizing that the person you thought you truly knew was hiding their inner shell. Paula Urbana’s latest single, “Post Humanity,” takes us through the emotional journey of ending a toxic relationship. From secrecy and lies to immaturity, Paula airs out all of the red flags she saw, and reveals the true nature of her ex. In an Instagram caption to her fans about the release, she shares, “From me to you, take it all. I hope that with 'Post Humanity' you’ll find a drop of love, a pinch of revenge, and a whole lot of warning signs.” This creates an exciting and dramatic teaser for all of the tea that she spills in the song!

Paula doesn’t hold back, and this comes from her ex constantly showing different levels of disrespect towards her. The song begins with an electric guitar, followed by Paula immediately kicking off the song with, “Open the doors, so you could lure me into your heart. Shut them all and blur me out of your photographs. Immature.” This person makes Paula fall for them, only to show their immature habits later in the relationship. This is confusing for Paula and makes you wonder why they initially show an interest in her just to play games. She continues to expose similar traits and actions of her ex, like playing the victim, throwing her love out, and always wanting to have their way. Her ex also found comfort in avoiding conversations with her by distracting themselves with other temptations that might have been cheating: “Ego bruised, running from the conversation. So you distract yourself with new temptation.”

Paula Urbana is an alternative pop-rock singer from East London. She pursued music and found her passion in songwriting once graduating from college. “Post Humanity” is her third song ever released, which is also a song from an upcoming EP! The date and name have not been revealed yet, but we’re all so excited to hear more from her. Her two other songs released are “Don’t F With My Heart,” which is reaching 30,000 streams on Spotify and “You Told Me So,” which was collaborated with drummer Mark Richardson from the British rock band Skunk Anansie. Keep up with Paula for future releases by clicking on the links below, and check out “Post Humanity” out now!

Written By Sneet Efrem



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