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  • Morgan Fischer

Review: "Prague" - Blair Davie

This song, “Prague” by Blair Davie, is a beautiful, lighthearted tale about being in love and realizing that anywhere feels like home when you’re by that person’s side. With Prague picked as a random destination, Davie emphasizes this point with lyrics like “If I could go anywhere then I would choose the anywhere that’s by your side” and “who needs planes to fly,” showing how once you find the person you want to be with, who you feel comfortable with, then anywhere you are together is where you want to be. Whether you are in a relationship or not, this song is for everyone, showing that what really matters is that you have people you care about and who care about you - the rest just fades into the background.

“Prague,” is a soft, piano-based pop song that perfectly balances melodic instrumentation with strong vocals. Starting off right into the first verse, this song leaves you no time to hesitate; you’re drawn in immediately by Davie’s voice and the already audible emotion. The song starts off softly, but picks up pace and intensity as it builds to the chorus, differentiating the sections while staying true to the heart of it. The piano is highlighted in the break between chorus and verse, and remains clear throughout the whole song. A little after halfway through, more instruments and vocals are added, building to the peak of the song in the bridge, where the new sounds drop away to create that powerful contrast. Overall, Blair Davie has created a beautiful, heartfelt song that remains emotional while also staying upbeat. A perfect song for any occasion, this one will definitely be on repeat.

Blair Davie is an up-and-coming singer songwriter hailing from Perth, Scotland. They started writing and recording music at the very young age of twelve as a solo artist, before joining and fronting multiple bands throughout their teens and working on developing their own style alongside their peers. Inspired by musicians such as Bon Iver, Dermot Kennedy, and Dodie, Blair Davie has taken their love of heartfelt music and made it into their own sound, dealing with themes like loss and heartbreak, coming to terms with their own bisexuality, and admiring the beauty that life can offer amidst all the struggle. Following an impressive nomination for Rising Star at the Ivors Awards, Blair Davie is looking forward to an exciting year for new music. Use the links below to explore more of their music and follow along their musical journey!

Written By Morgan Fischer

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