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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "PRESSURE" - Ellie Pettinati

Ellie Pettinati’s, “PRESSURE” is a pop song that I guarantee anyone listening can relate to, no matter what. This song reflects on her comparing herself to the people around her that are accomplishing things in their lives, and feeling as if she’s falling behind. She believes that there's this secret they’re all keeping from her and that she has to figure it out on her own. So now, she feels this pressure to hurry and catch up in order to live this happy, perfect, successful life that everyone else is apparently living. This habit of comparing ourselves to those around us, especially to those that we follow on social media, is extremely common. We all can admit to seeing most people post mainly the positive things happening in their lives and keeping the opposite hidden in order to keep this jolly portrayal for everyone to see and believe. However, this isn't realistically the case because the perfect life does not exist. Every single person goes through the ups and downs. In reality, there is no “secret” to living the perfect life or being successful. Everyone’s life is different and everyone goes at their own pace when it comes to growth. Ellie took her feelings and thoughts, and turned them into an incredible song that will have every person listening relating to her situation.

Ellie starts off the song with a low and soft voice, explaining how it's been five hours that have gone by where she's been trying to finish writing a song. As more time passes by, she feels pressure to figure it out and finish it. We notice that her voice projects when she begins to compare herself to others that are doing “better” than her. The more she explains this pressure she has in order to finish the song and become successful just as those around her, the louder she becomes. Here, she’s expressing her emotions and putting an emphasis on how she feels in this situation. During the chorus, she uses words such as, distracted, lacking, caught-up and shame, as a way to describe what comparing herself to others has made her believe is true. Although it is not, she tries to push that thought away, and shares what she sees herself doing when she does become successful. She sees her face on billboards, magazines and states that she “grew up on running off my dreams.” This is what she has always done and will continue to do in order to become the big, successful artist that she dreams of becoming.

Ellie Pettinati is an extremely talented 14 year old singer-songwriter from Hampshire, England. According to her Spotify page, she has 192 monthly listeners and has another song released titled “It’s Right”, which has over 5,000 plays. She also has Tiktok and Instagram accounts where she posts fun videos of her singing at numerous gigs, promoting her songs, and singing covers to many songs of various genres, such as opera and pop.

Written By Sneet Efrem



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