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  • Mia Chavez

Review: "Pretty Boys" - Naomi Jane

Oh, pretty boys, pretty boys. Thank you, Naomi, for writing a letter addressed from all girls around the world to pretty boys that have left us crying on our bedroom floors. “Why do pretty boys make girls cry?”, is the question we all ask and Naomi Jane earnestly demands in her newest single, “Pretty Boys.” Catch me belting out this little number on a Saturday night, 11 pm, all in my feelings, at a karaoke bar downtown. The song sounds like both an angry yet heartfelt letter to not only Jane's past exes but to all unaffected pretty boys out there. Boys who are used to breaking hearts with dashing looks yet are simply “gross inside,” as Jane writes. Throughout the song, Jane tells a story by making examples of her past exes (hello Tyler, Owen), who are “making us believe all their lies.” Jane writes about this repeated scenario that keeps playing out with the same result, the boy is beautiful on the inside but always turns out to “s*** on all our expectations.” The track as a whole is an ode to all heartbroken girls who fall for venomous pretty boys and Jane is quite frankly tired of it as she unleashes her frustrations in this edgy new track.

The song is carried by Jane's resonant voice, reminiscent of Dua Lipa’s sound and music style, mostly seen in Jane's heavier chorus. The beginning verse pulses with an echoing and deep reverberating beat, setting the stage for Jane’s booming chorus. “Pretty Boys” borders on a techno electronic sound within its pre-chorus, heightening then stretching out into a sudden hard-hitting electric rock chorus. Within the track, Jane talks about the side effects of her past relationships and mentions one boy as “a poet for put-downs.” Jane parallels their beauty with a dark side, something that runs deeper behind such a pretty face, something that no amount of pretty could hide. In the first verse, she sings, “Chiseled all the way to hell and back / But ugly keeps on slipping through your cracks.” In the bridge and ending chorus, Jane wraps the song up in a nice bow, stating how unattractive “toxic masculinity” is as she exposes “pretty boys” and their pretty lies.

Jane’s “Pretty Boys” 2024 single crosses over to a new area of music, sound-wise, as Jane's past singles, spanning 2022 and 2023, are slower piano ballads, musical and reflective with Jane’s raw and “mezzo-soprano” voice. According to Spotify, Jane’s impressive vocal range can span three octaves like fellow singers such as Adele, Dua Lipa, and Jesse J. With singles like “Never Let Go” and “Why Not,” released in December 2023, Jane continues to showcase her skill through heartfelt and poetic lyrics. When not doing music, Jane has been seen working in theater and film since a young age. In recent performances, she has starred as Roxie Hart in the musical “Chicago" and has taken part in many other musical theater productions throughout the years. Born and raised in New York City, Naomi Jane never disappoints in reaching new heights and capturing the hearts of her audience with her incredible vocal range and her diversity as an atrist, tackling all areas and making it look easy. Be sure to check out Jane's music in the links below!

Written By Mia Chavez



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