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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "Pretty Distraction" - SkyDxddy

I’ll cut to the chase: SkyDxddy’s latest single showcases the two predominant ways people manage their anger. They can channel their anger or let their anger consume them whole. By channeling anger, we can produce meaningful content that recognizes a fundamental problem within society. But when anger consumes us, we force everyone within our reach to feel just as shamed and frightened as we do. The former management style is what SkyDxddy has done with “Pretty Distraction”, while the latter has been the response to the song from immature men that should consider going outside to touch some grass.

“Pretty Distraction” is an alt-pop single that highlights the everyday reality women endure. SkyDxddy details various dehumanizing encounters women have had with men that have contributed to this reality. The song opens with a melody that captivates the listener as our artist lays out a common yet sinister scene: a man preying on a “sweet, lonely” woman. And if there’s any confusion about this scene, the accompanying music video provides clarity. This predator is buying and spiking her drinks. If this hasn’t been a first-hand experience, than it’s a dreadful thought that stays on the back of a woman’s mind whenever they’re in an environment that includes men. This shouldn’t be a worry women have - not in 2023. It is, though, and SkyDxddy encapsulates the frustration of this situation in the chorus. The songstress’s powerful voice strikes a delicate chord of familiarity with any woman that’s walked “home / With keys in her hands” because men were present. To make matters worse, men are conditioned at a young age to disregard women as people with inherent value. SkyDxddy points out in the second verse that careless actions like forcing young girls “to cover up [their] shoulders” teaches boys to think of girls as objects: either as trophies to display or obstacles to decimate. When they should be teaching them impulse control instead. This misguided teaching also robs girls of any perceived humanity - making it easier for this objectification to graduate to gross offenses against women. “Pretty Distraction” not only validates the adverse experiences of women but loans much-needed visibility to these experiences while simultaneously providing a space for women to simply exist as people.

SkyDxddy is the self-proclaimed CEO of traumacore - a blend of several music genres that dive head first into personal and societal problems that get swept under the rug. With heavenly vocals that entrance as much as they call to action; and songwriting that makes misogynists punch the air - it's no wonder why our artist is so unapologetically beloved by listening audiences. For fans dying to see the artist in concert, mark your calendars for October 12th. SkyDxddy begins their nationwide Traumacore Tour (in the states)! The 30+ performance tour kicks off at The Outland in Springfield, Missouri; various performance dates, venue locations, and tickets can be found here. And as always, if you've enjoyed SkyDxddy's open discussion on the struggles women face as much as I have, show the artist some virtual love in the form of streams, likes, and follows.

Written by Giavanna Gradaille



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