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  • Kelli Dixon

Review: "Pretty Eyes" - KID TRAVIS

Being in love is a feeling that can put you on Cloud 9. Even though it is great, this powerful feeling can get in the way of your better judgment. You put on the rose-colored glasses and can see no wrong in your object of affection. You may not even realize you’re doing it until it’s too late. When the glasses break, you may be left to pick up the pieces on your own. KID TRAVIS' new upbeat pop song "Pretty Eyes" details this experience. More specifically, he hones in on the fact that pretty eyes cannot be trusted. The prettiest eyes caused him to believe the "prettiest lies".

In KID TRAVIS’s song, “Pretty Eyes,” the elements are very contrasting. On the one hand, the instrumentation sounds like a daydream. This is fitting, as KID TRAVIS sings, “I took one look and lost myself” in the chorus. It is very bright with a strumming acoustic guitar and drums. The background vocals also contribute to this mood, especially the “la, la,la…” and the whistling sounds. On the other hand, the main vocals seem like they are reflecting on a past experience. In the opening lines to the first verse, KID TRAVIS sings, “Baby, you’re my weakness, but your love was pretense.” He later says “maybe we can meet up in another life.” These elements work well together because they are contrasting the good and bad parts of love, being on Cloud 9 and coming back down again.

KID TRAVIS has a huge passion for music. His work is very diverse, and he does not restrict himself to the creation of a single genre. Travis has built a huge following with his original music and visuals. He has even garnered praise from some big names in the industry, such as Post Malone and Dominic Fike. If you want to hear more of him, I recommend “Strawberry Skies,” the title track off of his 2020 album. Similar to “Pretty Eyes,” it has a pop sound. The instrumentation also matches the title, as it sounds smooth like a sunset drive. The lyrics reflect on the joy of spending time with the one you love!

Written By Kelli Dixon



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