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  • Kevin Rodriguez

Review: "Priceless" - Grayson DeWolfe

Even as prices soar in this inflationary wave, one thing still holds true: nothing could be more valuable than our relationships with others. On that thought, I’d like to introduce you to ‘Priceless’ by Grayson DeWolfe. It’s a love song that romanticizes the experiences that money could never afford. “Five stars, fast cars, weekends in Paris...wouldn’t mean s*** without you.” It’s so unbelievably invigorating to spend time with those you care about. The energy, the laughs, the blissful nature of making memories that last...DeWolfe evokes all of that and more out of you!

From the start, you get an alluring Earth Wind & Fire-inspired feel with groovy synths and slap bass. Now add DeWolfe’s phenomenal pop-star vocals (and fun “do doos”) to that and you're jamming out in a heartbeat! His storytelling sums up the best that life has to offer. “Everything is gold when you touch me like Midas...never ask for more when what we got is priceless!” I’m obsessed with how DeWolfe mixes ingenious lyrics like this with the radiant energy in the room. He takes you back to fond memories, while also giving you the most exhilarating vibes to come back to for years to come. His tastemaking just screams Bruno Mars!

Grayson DeWolfe is a Minnesota-based pop artist who's frequently performed sold-out shows in the Twin Cities. Before his solo career took off, he was the frontman of the alt-pop band Time Atlas, who won Minnesota’s Go 96.3’s Battle of the Bands in 2017. By the time he turned 21, he had toured with acts like Bishop Briggs, Alec Benjamin and Why Don’t We. Taking inspiration from artists like Jon Bellion and Prince, DeWolfe’s music is beautifully anthemic. From his vibes to his voice, DeWolfe is talented AF! ‘Priceless’ is 100% a hit in my books! I’m so excited that he’s got 3 more releases lined up for 2022!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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