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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Princeton" - Christina Nini

Christina Nini has returned with a vulnerable track about adulthood and the loneliness that comes with it. In “Princeton”, she is transparent about the downsides of moving away from your hometown and everyone you know and love. Nini wrote this song in the summer of 2020, during the peak of the global pandemic. For Nini, the stress of quarantine was not the only reason for her anxiety, but everything was changing in her life as well. She had just graduated college and moved out of her parents’ home. “Princeton” was her cathartic release from the ever-changing world around her. The gorgeous track is entitled after her hometown, where she is reminiscing on the easier times before she was on her own. The chorus ends with the hook, “The harder it gets// The more my memories give in// And I’m back in Princeton.” Nini admits that when her self-doubts creep in and her anxiety peaks, she mentally returns to her hometown where everything is safe. This track is incredibly vulnerable and lets listeners have an insight on Mini’s internal battle. The beautiful song reminds listeners that they are not alone in their lonely thoughts, and that missing home to pursue your dreams is only natural. Nini flawlessly captures this sentiment in “Princeton”.

“Princeton” is an ethereal pop ballad about growing up and leaving everything you know behind. The incredible piano led production transports the listener to another world. This song begins with a guitar that is used to create unique sound that resembles the echo of an empty room, representing the emptiness Nini felt while writing the track. The song slowly transitions away from this effect to the piano, which sets the stage for Nini’s voice. Her angelic voice lures the listener in—like a siren in the deep sea. The vulnerability is not only shown in the heartbreaking lyrics. Nini impeccably conveys her heartache and self-doubt with every detail of the production, from her emotional vocals to the soft, whimsical melody that tugs on the heart strings of listeners.

Christina Nini is a pop singer-songwriter from Princeton, New Jersey, now based in Nashville. She has always had a deep admiration for music, but since moving to Nashville to pursue her singing career, she has fallen in love with songwriting. Nini has honed in on her music and developed her sound as dark-pop mixed with soul. Since beginning her career, she has released several singles and an EP. Currently, she is working on her latest project with Grammy award-winning collaborators.

Written By Karlee Smith



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