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  • Alison Holst

Review: "Prison" - Tess Anderson

"Prison" is the newly released single from singer-songwriter Tess Anderson. Her new release is reflective of her journey in evolving her sound to be most unique to her. “Prison” is an introspective look at the thoughts of Tess, and the ways in which they hold her back. The song uses the idea of a prison to symbolize the magnitude of entrapment Tess experiences within her own head. Furthermore, Tess expresses that it was not external forces that placed her into this prison, but it was done on her own accord. It is Tess who perpetuates such thoughts, and thus has built the walls of her own prison. Thankfully, in taking an inner look Tess is able to realize that she has the potential to go beyond the barriers of the prison she has built for herself. Upon this realization, Tess ends the song with a tone of inspiration, and determination for self-growth.

The sonic structure of “Prison” is creative, impressive, and perfectly incorporates many elements that give the song depth. Even more so the instrumentals, generate a rawness, that aids in driving home the emotional content of the lyrics. This rawness and focus on instrument based sound makes "Prison" a refreshing listen when compared to the majority of pop songs released today, that are highly composed of electronic beats. The raw and band like sound, latches onto listener's ears and makes them more receptive to the introspective themes of self-growth expressed in the lyrics.

Tess Anderson is a singer-songwriter based in Vancouver, Canada. Her music feels overwhelmingly candid, allowing audiences to really connect with her. Tess Anderson is not new to making music by any means. Tess was just 12 years old when she debuted her career in music. Later, she would continue to pursue her career through receiving a diploma in artist development, music production, and audio engineering. After receiving her diploma Tess would release her debut EP in 2021. The release of this EP allowed Tess to play over 75 live shows that year, whilst also receiving widespread recognition for her talents in Vancouver.

Written By Alison Holst



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