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  • Isabel Mays

Review: “Psychos In Love” - Cheska Moore

I always love a good revenge ballad, and I especially love it when a song utilizes emotion to create a sense of chaos and pain. “Psychos In Love” is the newest single by singer and songwriter, Cheska Moore. This song is insanely good, and I think manages to display Moore’s talent extremely well. Inspired by Billie Eilish’s “Happier Than Ever,” this song is about heartbreak in its purest form. Moore combined her strikingly soft vocals with the pure chaotic energy of the electric guitar. It’s almost haunting in a way, how Moore’s gentle vibrato contrasted with the dramatic instrumentals. It drew me deeper and deeper. I loved every second of it.

So I mentioned before how this song was in some way inspired by “Happier Than Ever,” and you can tell even just based on her vocals. But Billie Eilish isn’t the only artist I’m reminded of, here. I can hear a little bit of Olivia Rodrigo, however I can sense a bit of Melanie Martinez in Moore’s voice. That’s three absolute powerhouses that I think have immensely unique voices that got them very far, very fast. Cheska Moore is the perfect combination of all three of them. But she also somehow has one of the most unique voices I’ve ever heard. And if that works in her favor (which I have no doubt in my mind about), I think we can expect to see Moore going very, very far.

Cheska Moore is bound to be a fan favorite soon. She released her debut single, “Boy Who Tried,” in 2019, and has been evolving ever since. In 2020, her online presence skyrocketed as her covers of “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” and “Believe” blew up on TikTok. As of today, she has around 2.7 million TikTok views, 10 million Instagram views, and over 90,000 followers. She’s even gaining popularity on Spotify, with her music getting over 80,000 monthly streams. This year, Moore plans to release her debut EP, and I for one am very excited. Give “Psychos In Love” a listen to, every second of it is insane.

Written By Isabel Mays



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