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  • Lauren DiGiovanni

Review: "Pull Me Under" - Jenny Kern

Jenny Kern is here with her second single from her latest EP called “Pull Me Under!” In this song, she looks back on a past relationship and realizes how hard it is to move on. She starts the song off by painting this beautiful picture of an intimate moment between the two of them. Jenny wants this person to tell her how they feel, but she’s willing to give them time if they don’t know. Yet, she has her boundaries, knowing that she shouldn’t wait forever. In the chorus, she wants to play their song and “slow dance in the bedroom,” ignoring their broken relationship at that moment. Jenny believes this partner is blind to her love for them, even though they’re that “only one who said to pull me under.” Following the chorus, Jenny wants this person to “throw [their] sense out the door,” asking them to completely ignore all the red flags in the relationship. She doesn’t want them to lose another night, as it will further separate the two of them. Although this song doesn’t sugarcoat love, there is an undertone of positivity as Jenny is hopeful that this love will continue.

“Pull Me Under” is a perfect example of a lowkey indie pop song. Just like in Jenny’s other songs, she infuses 1990s textures and sounds into this song. This light yet luscious soundscape features a playful piano melody with some lingering synths below. The track starts out with a sweet piano melody, but as the song goes on, it gets deeper and darker. “Pull Me Under” generally has a soft sound, but with some unique sound effects sprinkled throughout. In the choruses, the production sonifies the ebbs and flows of this lush soundscape, which makes it feel a bit whimsical. There is a natural crescendo in sound as the song progresses, yet it still doesn’t overpower Jenny’s vocals. Overall, this song’s production has a perfect balance of the production and the vocals. Even though this song feels effortless, it’s evident that time and care were taken when the lyrics were written and the production was made. 

Jenny Kern is a Canadian-born, Brooklyn-based indie singer-songwriter. She got her start in the music scene while playing gigs across Montreal during her time in college. She moved to NYC and became a pager at NBC in 2013. After working in the film industry alongside directors like Greta Gerwig, she turned to music in 2018. Jenny came out swinging with her first single in 2019, “Slow Burn,” which currently boasts almost 500k streams on Spotify alone. This immediately captured the attention of many music fans across the globe, and was invited on her first international tour shortly after the release of her first EP. In her first release of 2021, her single “Coming Back for Me” caught the eyes of radio star Bruce Warren who introduced her music to the world, which landed her on XPN, NPR’s World Cafe, and Spotify playlists like Fresh Finds, Indie All Stars, and New Music Friday. Her next EP, “Your Heart Knows,” earned praise from Earmilk, Atwood Magazine, and Ones to Watch. Jenny’s most recent EP, “Anything but Perfect,” is already impressing audiences. Just like her past works, “Anything but Perfect” showcases her genuinity, songwriting skills, and her ability to concoct a beautiful musical world to dive into time and again. 

Written By Lauren DiGiovanni



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