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  • Emily Hancock

Review: "Pushing 30" - The Sunshine State

“Pushing 30” is about real and all too commonly seen events in life. Unfortunately, it’s become the norm for men of older ages to hit on, and be with, women much, much younger than them. “It was okay in your college days/ but now you’re pushing 30” sings The Sunshine State. While it may have been seen as charming and cool for a guy who’s older in college to be interested in high schoolers, it’s not okay when that guy gets older and still hits on the same age group of 19 year old girls. This is an important topic that is being discussed in a way that’s truthful and exposing these gross men for what they are. This indie-pop track does not hold back from calling people like this “creepy”, which is exactly what they are.

Listen to "Pushing 30" here:

Guitar, drum-set and vocals– “Pushing 30” has all the elements of a hit indie track. The Sunshine State, also known as Skyler Stone, has beautiful vocals. Soft and light, Skylar has a natural gift for the indie-pop vocals. Similar to other artists such as Beabadoobee and Clairo, The Sunshine State makes their own unique platform and sound based off of personal events and nostalgia. My favorite lyrics from this song were, “The only way we’ll speak is to a lawyer or attorney”. When I heard these, I thought, “yes, exactly, we need to put these gross men in their place”. I hate how this is the reality for many women that they have to go to such measures to stay safe. But I hat even more that there are women out there who don’t know what to do and don’t know that this is wrong. I felt that these lyrics brought awareness to the fact that these men are harmful and the precautions you should take would be seeking legal help.

Putting out music since 2020, The Sunshine State releases their first EP, “In Another Life” in 2022. The EP was made with close friends that is said to remind Stone “why she loved music”. The overall feel of this EP is nostalgic and many of the songs were written about events that took place in Stone’s youth. Going back to revisit these emotions and places, gave a glimpse into a life that could have been for Stone. The Sunshine State is making their way to fame, and this newly released EP is just another step towards that. Make sure you check out the other songs from “In Another Life” and keep up with any other new releases from The Sunshine State!

Written By Emily Hancock



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