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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "Quite Like You" - Cee Blu

Cee Blu’s “Quite Like You” is a song that highlights and honors the most pure and endearing things about her significant other. It’s a dedication to them, and how delighted she is to have such a special bond with them. The track is truly beautiful. The angelic harmonies combined with the euphoric lyrics have me in complete awe! This, combined with the chill r&b beat is such a vibe to listen to. The lyrics go into detail about this person's pure personality, how it makes Cee feel, how there is nobody quite like them. As you follow along, it’s very clear how healthy this duo is together and how happy she is. Everything that her partner puts into keeping the spark alive doesn't go unnoticed by Cee.

To dedicate a song and use it as an expression of your love for your soulmate is definitely a love language, but to drop this song on Valentine's day is the cherry on top. Cee doing this intentionally adds an extra layer of magic to the song and will be something to always remember. I’ve mentioned how her partner's personality is acknowledged in this song. This is important because Cee pay’s attention to not just the way they treat her, but how they are individually as a person. The way your partner treats themselves and others is the same way they’ll treat you. She sings: “It’s the way that you treat everybody fair. No matter what they’ve seen or done, to you it ain’t a care. You see the best in everyone.” So now that we see how caring, understanding, non-judgmental and forgiving this person is, imagine how they treat Cee?! This person is a walking green flag: “See with you, I, I don’t ever gotta worry ‘bout a thing. Cause you’ve shown me more than my eyes could ever see. See the good, the bad, the in-between. Now I know just what it means to have someone love all of me.” Being assured that your loved one expresses their affection through actions, not just words, and then feeling entirely comfortable in the relationship because they cherish every aspect of you is truly comforting, reassuring and builds a strong foundation of trust and security.

Cee Blu is an independent Indie artist from South Auckland, New Zealand. She’s definitely leaving a strong mark on the New Zealand music scene by spending three weeks in the top 10 charts on NZ Hot Singles for her song “Tell Me Twice,” selling out her first headline show, and performing at festivals like Summer Sounds and Peachy Keen. In a TikTok about “Quite Like You,” Cee shares, “The more I was writing this song and listening to this song, I realized that these are words that I want to tell my sister, my mom, my dad, my friends just people that are important to me. I want them to know that I think this of them. So send this song to someone you love. It’s just a love letter of appreciation and celebrating love in all its forms.” “Quite Like You” is her first single of 2024 and I’m excited to see more of what’s to come! Keep up with Cee Blue’s journey by clicking on the links below, and check out “Quite Like You” out now!

Written By Sneet Efrem



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