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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Rabbit Holes" - Blair West

“Rabbit Holes” is a sweet and delicate ballad about falling down a rabbit hole of love with your significant other. West describes the track as “a love story that people could relate to, but [incorporating] the little eccentricities that make mine special.” This track shows off West’s dreamy vocals combined with her raw stories and melodies. Conveyed through a whimsical soundscape, the song seems a little silly, but West’s piercing voice cuts through, breathing life into the track.

Blair West’s voice serenades the audience into valleys of emotion, brought together by pastel-hued sounds that embody the transition of summer into fall. Trading bright for muted, happy for vulnerable, and heat for a brisk cold. Her moving guitar melodies push the track forward, providing depth and coverage to her personal narratives. West looks at the twists, turns, and complexities: the beauty and intricacies behind relationships, especially her own.

Blair West’s sound is a glorious concoction of folk-pop with tingles of soul and indie influences. Described as a mix between Joni Mitchell, Jewel, and Taylor Swift, Blair West’s creativity comes from her tongue-in-cheek sense of humor, New York grit, and Scorpio sensitivity. While writing music from the age of five, she put her stardom dreams on the shelf as she launched her successful career in journalism and marketing. Now, she’s ready to return to her musicality, indulging in the melodies and lyrics that float around in her head, her passion fueling her determination to take this leap of faith. Though this is only her sophomore single, Blair shows promise in her clever lyricism and unique combination of soundscapes, bringing a feast for us all.

Written By: Megan Cao



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