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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "Rain It Down" - The Collection

“Rain It Down” is The Collection’s newest single, a piece reflecting the natural state of freedom found in living, in love, and in letting go of it. The song describes a sense of building up, of confinement, where there isn’t freely flowing communication and instead there is a feeling of being trapped and stagnant. Despite the potential harm that may be caused by speaking out or by moving on, he encourages the one he sings to to be open and express whatever is being left unsaid. It is better to move apart than stay still together, imagery of water is cleverly used to express this sentiment. From a waterfall to scattered rain drops, The Collection’s metaphors surrounding this flow like the poetic flood they describe.

The song begins with a methodically scattered note that sounds almost like raindrops itself. The lyrics set the scene, describing static and stillness while the beat comes down harder with small bursts of an increased pace. All of this is contributing to the overwhelming sense that must be felt by the narrator that there is something intensifying. When he encourages the listener to speak out by saying the title words “rain it down”, the music explodes and turns the song around into an upbeat pop anthem. From here, the piece is nothing short of inspirational with words of encouragement and music that matches. In fitting with this theme, it doesn’t return to the still place where it began, instead it ends with the chorus still going as if the “floodgates” have been opened.

The Collection is a band composed of six members, fronted by David Wimbish. The group has a close knit relationship amongst themselves, as well as with their fans, being known for their incredible live performances. They've spent a considerable amount of time touring, originally hailing from North Carolina but appearing across the states in concert. They’ve performed alongside artists such as Tall Heights, The Oh Hello’s, and RIPE. The Collection has gained well deserved praise from these shows as well as their produced music which has received recognition from NPR, Glide, American Songwriter and others. Learn more about them below and stream “Rain It Down”.

Written By Hailey Schap


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